Friday, April 24, 2009

Breakfast with a Storm Trooper...

...really, I'd even have breakfast with a storm trooper if I could call it a date.

(Though I don't think I'd have a lot in common with a trekkie or a star wars freak...since I've never watched either, but if he was cute and had a great sense of humor... I just might consider it.)

Well, not much happening in the date dept.

I did meet a cute guy at the bank. I had to re-open my account since my bank info was compromised. The young account manager was cute, no ring, no pics of any ladies or kids on his desk, overly friendly AND.... he was my age!

It was my third appointment with him and as we got to know each other over bank accounts and routing numbers he asked the inevitable question that would determine which way our conversation would end, 'so, what do you do?'

man, oh, man... how do i answer this question so he won't think i'm a nun (literally) and in a way that would help me assess where he might be at (seriously) after all we're at the bank, not the 666 satan club- so even though we weren't meeting in a church we could very well share a love for God, right?

In Vegas, right?

Anyways... I proceeded to verbally unpack all that I do in a way that would try and accomplish these things... his response, "oh, christian ministry, that's nice. well, here you go ms. hanash. Thank you."

Anyways- I did notice something odd about him, he shaved his hands... fingers and all... it seemed odd to me... less odd than if he dressed up in a storm trooper costume as a hobby on the weekends, but more odd than someone who just had hairy hands.

Thank you indeed, mr banker.

Tonight, instead of any hot dates, I had a fun night at the movies with Kirsten and then we stole Melissa away for a late impromtu girls night at Starbucks. After a really long week, it was just what i needed to start my weekend off right. Since being back from sabbatical I haven't felt more in need of a weekend off as I do this weekend.

My plans:
Saturday- running a 5k with my roommates (my first attempt at public running :) Sunday- nothing...nothing at all... unless of course that handsome, funny storm trooper gives me a call...


Teri said...

So much to say...

SHAVED his hands? Really, why??? My brother used to shave his legs for cycling. But why hands? Ick.

I applaud your consistency. I couldn't just let the whole week go by without at least one tricky one. And while you thought all day about what to write I wondered all day what you'd come up with! Hey, if you end up marrying a guy who dresses up on the weekends as Star Wars characters, we'll make the best of it. Watch the movies with you and everything. And Storm Trooper is better than, say, Chewbacca, right? (Maybe that guy has really Chewbacca-y hands.)

A 5K today!! I'm so excited for you. And wishing you snot-free running.

Mary said...

Shaved Sorry-first thought...when a guy does something we don't do as girls, you have to wonder.

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