Thursday, July 2, 2009

I love Target... and my mom

Just got back from shopping for a wedding gift at Target with my mom today. My cousin registered there so my mom and I went.

Now I make many trips to the one stop shop just down the street from my home but apparently not so for my mom. As I walked her down the many isles of food, sundries, home decor, home improvement, clothes and much much more... my mom walked in awe.

"Wow, look at this end table... I like it. Vacuums! Oh, honey, do you need any food- look food!"

With the gift registry in hand I made a bee line to the isles most relevant to our gift shopping trip: B38 glassware, B43 small appliances, C32... wait, where's my mom? ...there she was stalled in isle A14...then A15 and then... sheesh this might take a while.

 I explained the wonders of the Target Superstore, while picking and choosing our gifts.

As we loaded up the car and drove away, my mom said, with the sweetest inflection, in her voice

"i love target"

I could tell a revelation was happening before my eyes.

 It's funny when someone discovers something you are so used to that you don't even express your appreciation for it anymore. The crazy thing is actually this is NOT the first time my mom's been in a Target store... she's shopped there (and their counterpart) before... in fact all the time.

 No wonder I'm so insecure about being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's!


Teri said...

Tee hee hee.

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