Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Something Old, Something New

I have this thing about myself: I love new things.

In school, I loved new notebooks or day planners (not to mention new folders, binders, pencils, pens and decorative sticky notes. And paper- oh how I love new paper. Decorative paper, fun notecards, notepads of any kind!)

Yes, I confess, I'm a school/office supply addict.

The problem is that after some time (could be a day, week, month...) after some time, that new thing is no longer shiny and new. Over time that thing loses it's appeal.

The planner goes unplanned. The new note cards go into the box labeled "non-IV note cards".
Weird how that happens. But that's me.
This doesn't just happen to me with school supplies though.

It also happens with habits, hobbies, and fun things I enjoy.

In college it was black and white photography.
I took a bunch of classes in college and even mapped out what I'd need to do to transform my bathroom into a photo studio. I found an ad for a photo enlarger, needed to develop black and white photos. But time passed and I never did do it.

Probably good now since about a minute later everything went digital and I'd probably still be trying to sell that thing on ebay. (First I'd have to learn how to sell things on ebay. Oy!)

Later it was tennis and rock climbing.

Granted both these often need partners to fully enjoy... so as my friends dropped out... so did I. And yet I still have my tennis racket (newly taped) and my climbing harness and shoes hanging in my closet... just in case! Seriously.

But in recent months I've begun two things, new things on my own. Jogging and Blogging.

As with something new, I dove right in. I was consistent and enjoying myself. I reached mini-goals, took on fun challenges like the 5k with my roomies and blog-week with Teri. Then life happened. Time passed and the shine began to lose it's luster. What's the saying... same-old, same-old?!

This frustrates me because I want to keep the things in my life that I enjoy. Well, it's been 5 weeks and I refuse to let these two things fall by the wayside.

Now I realize that the last 5 weeks have been filled with a big, new thing: moving to Fresno.
I spent weeks preparing, packing, cleaning, downsizing and getting ready for this transition.

I've since moved, unpacked and am getting to know my new town. So while I am sure that many of the coming posts will include stories related to my recent move... today I am thinking about what I've left and what I've gained.

Same-old, Same-new.

Living with my best friends in my own condo
Working at my alma matter
RCF and all the RCF'ers (wait, that doesn't sound right?!)
Lunch with Melissa
Running into my cousins anywhere mall-ish
Sharing an amazing office
Luv-Its Frozen Custard
Walking town square with friends
Vegas summer nights (fro yo in hand)
Ann Taylor Loft
My staff team (Spencer and Mattie and Mike)
Staff meetings at Med Cafe with Mike and Melissa
Using the Strip as a landmark compass
Dry heat and A/C

Living with Randy and Tina
Having own bathroom...heck- my own room!
Working out of my house again
Learning from Rob
My neighborhood noises: shopping carts and helicopters!
Getting to know my new amazing staff team
Three new universities and colleges to explore
Driving 2.5 hours SW to visit Melissa
Mediterranean Grill
Looking for a church community
Swamp coolers
"The Club" for my car
Waking up to squirrels
As of Sept 3rd, Ballet Class (Yup, new hobby!)

 There it is... my first blog from my new home. ...Now I think I'll go for a run.


Teri said...

Awww - so glad to get to read your first update from your new home. And I can just picture that new home. (Tell Randy and Tina hi from me - you might have to help them remember me!) Good for you (and for me) that you're not giving up on blogging.
Praying your new home and new life in Fresno are fun and blessed and stay shiny new for a long time to come.

Elysia Angel said...

Thats a good list of things in rotation! I'm sure you will enjoy ballet- its challenging but well worth it. I'm happy for you Ly!!

Rae said...

Ballet? How is that going?

Mary said...

We are the same! I'm doing a 10k in October and taking up jogging-kind of. I keep saying I will blog every day and jog every other-not happening so much....I have started walking an hour a day, so that's something, right?

cussface said...

You'll always be bright shiney new to me

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