Thursday, September 3, 2009

This year I became...

This year I became a lot of things...
A landlord
A Fresnan (Fresnoite?)
A runner.jogger.walker
A housemate to the Whites
A year older
A little funnier (debatable i suppose)
 And tonight... I became a ballerina (or at least am in progress)


The first (and maybe only) question I had when I signed up was "will I have to wear a tutu?"

When I walked into the Cal Art Dance Academy for my first class, I peeked into a ballet class in progress. It was a class of 7-10 adorable 10 year olds, hair in buns, pink leotards, in line doing thier bar work, plie's and all.

And then I saw a much older woman in the line.

It took me a minute to register that she was the teacher, but I realized another question I should have asked was "will I be the only non-10 year old in this class?"

Well, I wasn't. Thankfully I was in the adult class (17+) and on average the women in my class are in their 20's - 50's. About 10 of us total.

 My first ballet class was great and my teacher is a very strong, talented woman. She's an older woman with great skin, Russian maybe? And in between fifth position and demi-plie's, I wonder what her life story is.

There are a couple of really talented dancers in the class and I can't help be mesmerized by them too. I haven't purchased my ballet shoes which I suspect that will help me 'feel' a little more ballerina-ish... but all in all- what a great start to a new hobby.

Looking forward to seeing what the next four months brings in helping bring out the ballerina in me!


Honesty: the lost art said...

I love Edgar Degas. what a beautiful picture. I have one in my hallway.

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