Sunday, November 15, 2009


I saw an old woman today.

She was carrying a cane that was bedazzled with florescent jewels. I wonder if she requested that or if she had granddaughters.

There was a man and woman being honored at church for their 65 wedding anniversary. The man was 90. I spent the next half hour of the church service mentally calculating how old I'd be if I was married for 65 years. And to whom. At this same service the average age of the congregation was 75.

I was surprised to notice that none of the little old ladies had long hair- NONE! They all had these short haired bouffants. It made me wonder why- is it taboo? Does hair stop growing long as you age? Old lady peer pressure? Makes me think about growing my hair long while I can.

I didn't have coffee today.

I did have In and Out.

I drove up and saw the drive thru line and wondered if it would be faster to actually walk in and get my order than sit through drive through. I made note of the car that would have been in front of me (silver bug) and hurried inside and got my lunch to go. As I stepped out, sure enough, there was the silver bug still three cars out. I won. I celebrated with a chocolate milkshake. I NEVER get a milkshake, but today was cause for celebration. Too bad I'm lactose intolerant. I guess I really lost.

I love new pajamas. Target has a set on sale for $10 and I indulged. Grey thin cotton long sleeve top with navy blue and paisley print bottoms. This made me happy. I put them on when I got home. It was 2pm. I didn't even wash them first. I enjoyed a couple hours with them until I had to get ready to go out once again.

I hate change.

I love change.

I have a love / hate relationship with change.

I watched the show V on hulu- at night... while home alone. I got a little scared. Not cool.

My running journey continues. In October I ran a 5k. I cramped in the first 3 minutes and spent the rest of the time jogging and walking it since I hadn't run for 3 months prior and was out of sync. Since then I've been running.


One month ago I ran a timed mile. 11 min 55 sec. I had to walk 3 times (for 5 seconds each). Friday, I ran another timed mile. 11 min 13 sec. I shaved 42 seconds off my mile. Best part: I ran the whole thing- no stops, no cramps.

I'm getting better.

Yesterday, on facebook, I saw that a friend ran 20 miles with no pain. I decided NOT to post my excitement about my 1 mile run. I wonder if I'll ever be able to run 20 miles one day. One mile at a time, I suppose.

I only got 3 hours of sleep on Friday. I am still tired and it's Sunday.

The result... I'm feeling a little random.


Teri said...

Random is good. I like your random.
And now I, too, am left wondering about the reason for the cane sparkles.
Way to go on the running! Keep with it and we can do a destination run someday somewhere cool!

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