Wednesday, March 10, 2010

4 days...and counting

There are many reasons I have not posted in a while. The first being that I was really, really, grossly sick from mid-November through mid-February (everything from sinus cold, bronchitis, sinus infection, cough). But after three rounds of antibiotics, codine laced cough syrup, and about 20 boxes of Puffs tissues... I am now sick free. Yipeee The second being that I just haven't been intentional about it. Get the paddles out though, stat, because I'm committed to keeping this thing alive...if only for my own sake! And finally, because for the past 2 months I have been training to run in a race THIS weekend. It's a half marathon relay and my portion is just over 7 miles. Twice as long as the 5k I did in November and I'm eager to see the improvement! I am nervous but equally amazed at the fact that I'm actually doing it! Oh, and it's a destination race (Sacramento) and while it's no Hawaii I'm hoping that running in a new location will distract my mind as I quietly chant "is it 7 miles yet... ow ow ow how about now ow ow ow". Noemi asked me last week if I will keep running once this race is over. I wasn't sure then but this morning I found myself looking for a 'next race' to sign up for. I'm really motivated by goals and a new race may do just that. That, and I found it was the perfect way to procrastinate from the things I really need to do today. Done and done. Looking forward to posting how the race goes!


Teri said...

I'm in it with you for that 7 miles. Yes, let's hope the scenery of our destination race erases all tiredness and sore muscles and burning lungs. Do sign up for another race. It keeps you going!!!

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