Friday, March 19, 2010

On the road again...

By the looks of it you would never guess I'm getting ready to head home tomorrow, especially not for two weeks. My suitcase is nestled in my closet, my clothes got lost on the way to the washing machine, and I have no immediate plans of packing.

I know I will pack... sometime between now and when I hit the 41 South tomorrow morning. I've got to... that's a fact.

I love the simple certainties in my life.
(I just wish I knew how and when it was going to happen).

How I feel about heading home for two weeks to see my family, raise some support, and reconnect with my church... now that's for another post or actually another blog.


Teri said...

If I can provide any therapy while you're here, or just some running on the weekend - or if you want to bring your family up for Mass at our parish... let me know!
I'll pray for your fundraising.

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