Friday, December 31, 2010

A letter from me to me

Hi Layla.

This is 'past you' writing to 'future you' on the last day of 2010.

My hope is this letter will remind you of where you've come from and re-calibrate you to where you wanted to go in the past year.

First and foremost, remember the lessons you learned in 2010?
Remember when you saw God perform miracles last year? Healing your uncle, healing you. Have you been living in light of that reality? That God can do the impossible. I hope so.

Don't be discouraged if, even right now, you (still) have unanswered prayers on your heart. They don't ever go unheard. Just remember to be faithful and continue to give those prayers (whether they are for you or anyone else) to God. Do not fear, have faith.

Also, by now you'll have not only run two half marathons, but a full marathon too. Wow, I'm so proud of you. You better not be beating yourself up over how well you did or if you could have done better.  REMEMBER to celebrate victories! You reached an amazing goal...and you're are likely healthier for it.

I hope you blogged a ton this year too! Remember how much fun last December was with your blogging challenge. Also, are you out of debt yet? Yeah, I just went there.

And, did you remember to love others well this year? The best way you can do that is to practice being you. Don't be some ridiculous version of you, you think you need to be. As you do, let others be themselves too. Love them for it.

Oh, did you take risks this year? Remember your prayer, this last day of 2010, for the Lord to open your heart to love as He loves, forgive as you want to be forgiven, and with hope and trust, stepping out in faith

You're a learner, keep learning. About yourself, and others and running, and photography, and hosting, and healthy living, and God, and history, and traveling, and all the things you love.

It seems like just yesterday that past you wrote this letter to future you, I know. I hope that as you read it you can take a moment to remember your hopes and dreams. I hope that you love where God has you. I hope you have great love in your life. I hope that you are full of joy and hope.

And that on this last day of 2011, you can look back at your year and have much to be thankful for and celebrate!

Now, go on, and party like it's 2012!

Love you for you,

PS. Write me back.


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