Friday, December 10, 2010

My Life in Verbs

I first saw this on my friend Larissa's blog. She's lovely and her blog is a fun collection of musings on her life, great recipes and crafts, and she's a fellow IV'er too. 

I knew at some point in my commitment to write everyday this month, I'd have those days where writing would be tough. Today was one of those days, not so much because I have writer's block, but moreso because I'm wiped. Not only did I just spend the weekend away, but I also just returned from 4 days in Bakersfield with 30 of my friends and colleagues. We just got back last night, and today was our end of year Christmas party for students.

I just got back from taking the last of them home. My roommates are winding down now by catching up on LXD dance videos on hulu. I am winding down by posting this. 

So here's my life in verbs (midnight edition) 

Wanting... to just go to sleep without having to get ready for bed. Just tonight. No changing into PJ's, washing my face, brushing my teeth. I'm that tired. I know I won't skip, but that's what I'm wanting.

Creating... a plan to train for my next half marathon. I'm eyeing one in San Francisco in early February, which would mean that I would have roughly 8 weeks to train. 

Reading... Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. (Fiction) Though I have to clarify that I'm not reading with my eyes, but with my ears. It's an audiobook. Ever since I moved to Fresno and began driving 8 hour stints to get home I joined, a netflixs of audiobooks. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet tells the story of two young friends, Henry, a Chinese American, and Keiko, a Japanese American, and their blossoming friendship during WWII. Keiko and her family eventually are sent to an internment camp. And Henry and his family... well I'm not sure what they do- I'm only half way through. So far, so good.

Wondering... how my Christmas photo card will turn out. I spent time today working on it today and just sent the order to Walgreens tonight. The prints will be ready for tomorrow. 

Realizing... that I need to start thinking about Christmas gifts. With my roommates leaving soon, my family coming soon, and my coming home soon... I've got to put my plan to action. I don't want to be one of those fools in the Walgreens on Christmas eve looking for anything that would pass for a thoughtful gift.

Loving... this snack: Green apple (sliced) with Trader Joe's white cheddar with carmelized onion cheese (sliced). It's tart and tasty! Thanks to Tina for getting me hooked. 

Anticipating... my brother and dad visiting Fresno next week. It will be their first time to Fresno. I can't wait to host them. 


irene said...

Loving...Reading your blog everyday :)

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