Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ode to A Wintery Wednesday.

I love listening to the rain when I'm indoors, coffee in one hand and a book in the other. I like the idea of rain all the time. It makes our earth green, leaving things feeling cleaner. Let it be known, though, I don't like driving in the rain or getting frizzy hair as a result of it. 

However, today, I threw caution to the rain. I got in my car and I drove around town. I hung out with my mom. I had dinner with friends. I went to the movies. And took some photos. And all in the pouring rain.

As for the driving, I did fishtail once trying to stop at a red light. And then, later, I ran a yellow light in front of a cop to avoid fishtailing again. He didn't follow me, I'm guessing he understood. As for the hair, a couple of small braids tethering my bangs down and a pony tail in the back fixed that. 

Wow, that sounds really bad, so here's what I'm talking about:

That's Deedee and I on the top floor of the UNLV Parking Garage. 
(Notice the braid and no frizz). 

We drove there because we saw this view of The Strip and thought it was pretty sweet. Gotham like. A likely result of all that rain today.

It seemed like perfect timing too, as we noticed the fog had mostly lifted by the time we were driving away.

Overall, I had a lovely wintery Wednesday.


heathorock said...

awesome picture (view of the city)

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