Saturday, December 18, 2010


A little less than 2 weeks. That's all that stands between us and 2011. Are you ready?

I've been thinking about these next two weeks. I have a friend who made a new years resolution this year. That resolution was to read 12 books in 2010. Here we are, 2 weeks to go, and she's 3 books short. She plans to do all that she can these next 13 days to accomplish her goal. I know she'll do it, too. She's got resolve. And in that time, I will likely read just a few more pages in the book I've been reading, and in doing so will not be accomplishing any resolutions.

I have been thinking a little about resolutions. I haven't decided whether I'll attempt to keep a new year's resolution this year, though, I'm tempted. However, I can't think of one year I've ever clearly made and kept a resolution.

All I know is that I'm glad I've got a couple weeks to figure it out.

And I resolve to do just that.


Honesty: the lost art said...

woo whooo ! gooo Layla gooo! (this is me cheering you on from the sidelines) yaaay Layla! You are still blogging and that is a resolution that you have kept. You said you run better when people are cheering so YEAH LAYLA WOOOOWHOOOO GOOOO GIRL!!! HEY THAT'S MY FRIEND RIGHT THERE IN THE FRONT OF THE CROWD!!!! I KNOW HER!!! LAAAAAAYYYYYLLLLAAAA!!!!! :)

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