Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sweet Dreams

A few days ago I woke up from a dream.

I dreamt that my good friend made the National Enquirer. I saw her on the cover in the checkout isle in the grocery store. Naturally, I purchased the magazine. She was being interviewed and I remember the photo on the cover looked like it was taken with a cell phone, grainy and such. She was crying in the photo. I couldn't tell if it was from excitement or sadness. I never found out why.

Waking up without resolution on this was odd, but I got a hold of my friend to let her know she was on my mind and in my dream and to make sure she was allright, just in case. She was. 

I'm really impressionable and get really weird dreams easily. I watched a commercial for the TV show Medium once and had a nightmare. I saw a movie poster featuring a gorilla and dreamt of a rampage. One year, my housemates were really into the show, Criminal Minds, and I noticed I was getting increased heart palpitations going up the stairs at night, in my home. I had to stop watching.

As a kid, probably 6 or 7, I remember waking up after a babysitter had put us to bed, and going into the living room to sneek a peek at the movie she was watching. It was a black and white horror movie about a demon possessed hand. The one scene I saw showed the hand getting cut off and flushed down the toilet, only to reemerge in another toilet for another bout of torture. For years afterward I had a fear of sitting on the toilet. Seriously. No dawdling for me, with a racing heart, I'd pee as fast as I could and bolt.

It's one of the reasons I don't watch any horror flicks now.

Issues, i know. (That could actually be a better name for my blog) 

When I had that dream, I tried to play detective and see if I could figure out if there was anything the day before that made me think of my friend or the National Enquirer, I suppose. Nothing came to mind. 

The only think I can think of is that over the last week I've been staying up later and later and getting less and less sleep.

The culprit? My social calender. What can I say? I'm a social butterfly and an extrovert. The result... I come home from parties totally wired and energized. I end up laying in bed waiting for my mind to get the memo that I'm exhausted!

Tonight, however, I'm going to do my best to follow my two healthy sleeping habits. Reading before I fall asleep (versus watching tv or strolling the internet). That and getting a full 8 hours. Since it's almost midnight, we'll see if that will happen.

In any case, here's to some sweet dreams and a paparazzi free night.


QueenP said...

Ha! Since I became pregnant, my dreams are so vivid! Very clear, very odd. I find myself checking in with people often: "I had a dream last night you foreclosed on your house and bought a giant floating RV. Are you ok?" Glad to know I'm not the only one!

Teri said...

You and I have a lot in common. I bet our brains look a lot alike. I was told that the more active your imagination, the more difficult to watch horror movies. It makes sense, but somehow it seemed a revelation to me.
P.S. I hope Pamela comments a lot - I enjoyed her comment right along with your post!

Janell said...

Mama Layla!! I just want to say that I am thoroughly enjoying reading your blog!
And I am a pretty crazy dreamer too.. but it's usually food that gets me. If I eat before I sleep I have weird/crazy dreams!

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