Sunday, January 2, 2011

my new do.

I love my friend Ashley. She's my hair stylist and she one of the few people in the world I can trust my head of hair. 

I don't mean to sound so vain, but being biracial, having both Lebanese and Japanese textured hair, means that I've got a unique head of hair. 

I've learned this fact the hard way. 

Oh, if you only knew the hair tales I could tell you.

Quickly, I'll give you my top 3:

I was getting my hair cut at Fantastic Sam's. I had a junior high problem. My bangs parted in the middle...all the time. This was when huge, teased bangs were popular, so now clearly you understand my dilemma. I asked the stylist if there was anything to be done. 25 minutes later I left Fantastic Sam's not so fantastic. I looked like a poodle. Her solution to not having bangs that parted was to chop off my bangs so they were an inch long and stood straight up! I'm glad to say I don't have any pictures of this. A week later I permed my hair hoping to solve the bangs issue.

That dang perm! Now I really looked like a poodle. Needless to say, I survived junior high with a ton of bobby pins, braids and lots of Aqua Net. 

My dad learned how to cut hair in Paris in order to immigrate to be a stylist in Texas. One day I was complaining of split ends. He had a solution, a French technique. Did I mention he didn't work as a stylist very long? The technique: section hair into small twists and light the tips of each twist on FIRE! Put it out right away, ideally, getting rid of your split ends. Unfortunately, it also gets rid of the tips of your hair too. I sported a short haircut for a few years after that instance...and began my search for a great and trustworthy stylist! 

Enter Ashley.

I actually met her through another friend, a great stylist, who moved away. She referred me to Ashley and it's been hair heaven ever since. 

I love the feeling of a fresh haircut. 

I love that Ashley let's me verbally process what I want to do with my hair without killing me. Today was all about long or short cut...and the possibility of blunt, straight across bangs.

I love that when all I say is I want a killer haircut, she always delivers!

I love the fun conversations we have. Stylists are to women as what bartenders were to the 80's. 

Finally, I love going to Ashley with Deedee. It's a solid 3 hours of catching up, feeling pretty, and walking out with styled, bouncy hair. 

Grown Out Do.
Happy Hair.

*This Haircut is brought to you by Deedee, my lovely friend, who treated me to a wonderful day of feeling pretty! My head of hair thanks you.


Teri said...

You look gorgeous! Really! Such a great cut.

I laughed out loud at the fire solution. That is freaking hysterical. Do you ever bring that up to your dad? So funny...

Blah Blah Blayla said...

thanks teri!
i like to keep this story in my back pocket and pull it out whenever my dad starts acting up =)
thankfully i liked trying new looks with my hair... after it went also went hot pink.

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