Tuesday, February 1, 2011

28 days.

I love challenges, rather, I'm motivated by them. It's true.

A few years ago, on sabbatical, I had the opportunity to participate in an assessment which helped me figure out just that... what motivates me. It was two months full of essays, interviews, observations and conversations. The result concluded with a pretty little document all about me. 

The closing paragraph included this:
Layla is motivated when she has the opportunity to put her energy toward a sustained effort, meeting challenges and solving problems which lead to meeting a goal.  
This might explain why, in December, I challenged myself to blog everyday for a month. And I did.

This might explain why, in January, I didn't have any sugary sweets or snacks. No chocolate, no ice cream, no sweet treats. 

This will explain why in February I plan to 'tackle' my coffee / caffeine addiction. 

I wasn't always addicted. In fact, I didn't always even like drinking coffee much. Two things helped change that. 

This was one: 
(cherished gift from students)

This was the other: 
(freshly brewed every morning at the White's)

Today was my first caffeine-free day. I anticipated a bad headache today, and for good reason, since I went without coffee one day last month and got hit pretty bad with one. 

It's also why I knew I wanted to start a detox soon. 

Surprisingly I didn't get a headache today, which was amazing since I had a full day of meetings with students, supervisors, and friends, but I have felt the difference.    

I'm not sure, yet, if I'll choose a different thing next month. I'm not even really sure if I've got some deeper conviction behind this. 

All I know is that I'm aware over-indulgence isn't always good...that moderation is likely best...I am motivated by challenges....

...and, oh, that I'm glad there are only 28 days in February!


Teri said...

Good for you! Hope you're feeling as well today.

heathorock said...

hmmm. what could i do for a month. good idea.
i'm glad you had a thorough assessment so that i could benefit from the results of said assessment. :)
hope you don't get headaches, determined friend!

Una said...

Peets coffee was one of my reasons for not wanting to kick the caffeine habit. Thanks be to God, they have decaf. It's been a good health decision for me to get off the juice although somehow it's connected with me getting old & not being able to handle too much caffeine. ** sigh **

Kendra said...

WOW! I am impressed. Try tea. 1/4 of the caffine and yet tasty!

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