Saturday, November 5, 2011

The night before... very first race, I was falling asleep on a makeshift couch/bed in Paso Robles. That was October of 2009. A bunch of my friends ran the half marathon, while Noemi and I ran the 5k. I was a little nervous, but mostly excited. Compared to 13.1 miles, I also thought 3 miles should be a breeze. We ended up walking about half of it. After the race, we began training. 

My second race was a Half Marathon RELAY race in Sacramento, CA. A crew migrated from Las Vegas, Fresno and the Coast. The night before we painted our fingernails with black polish, because Teri is really great about commemorating things like that. She said it was to remind us we were strong. I remember feeling elated when I crossed that finish line. I remember thinking that 7.1 miles was the farthest I'd ever run. I also remember thinking 'there's no way I could do another 6 miles.' 

My third race was my first Half Marathon, 13.1 miles. A year before I could barely finish a 5k and there I was at the starting line. I felt good about my training. The night before, I should have been nervous about the race but my friend set me up with her neighbor who wanted to take me out that night. I remember being more nervous about that date than the race. Well, equally nervous. 

My fourth race was a 10k in February of this year. I had taken a hiatus between my Half Marathon and that 10k. After three months of NOT running, I laced up and was shocked at how much slower I r̶a̶n̶  jogged. I knew I had to readjust my goals. Keep my mind off the clock and just run. "No Walking". That was my mantra. At any hint of weakness during my run, I thought "No Walking" and at times "No $*%$ Walking, Layla." I was going for the "army sergeant" approach.  

(photo credit: Emily K P)
My fifth race was my second Half Marathon. It was a beautiful and warm day in May on a course in downtown Fresno that weaved between eclectic buildings and historic homes and ran right through the Fresno Zoo! I ran past a giraffe and I think he gave me the stink eye. I could be wrong, I was running pretty fast. I was also dehydrated at the time.

Two years of running, this is my 6th race and my 3rd Half Marathon. I just can't believe that statement.

It's the night before. I've picked up my packet and all the goodies. My favorite running outfit is freshly laundered. I've gone over the course map. No pasta party, but the Dixon's treated me to pre-race ice cream tonight. I chose "Gold Medal Ribbon" flavor, found it fitting. I'm excited and I'm not sleepy. Could be the sugar. I've obsessively looked up the weather stats, hoping for better news.
I've notice three things that will make this an interesting race.
1. It will be freaking COLD!
2. It will be raining.
3. The sun will rise two minutes before the start.

Oh, this is going to be fun. 

And the running adventure continues....


Teri said...

Layla, I am so happy for you. For all of us who keep running. And I am laughing out loud at your army sergeant approach. How I wish we could train together. Are you still slated for a full this year? I also love the thought of getting the stink eye from a giraffe. What a cool race to go by the zoo! Please tell me more about what you wore and how it all went. You are awesome.

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