Friday, September 28, 2012


photo credit: collaborative effort by me and my handsome fella.

Joy is turning 35 with confidence.
Like a smile that can't be erased. 
It's celebrating with cherished friends,
by piling in a party van headed for the beach.
It's catching up over stir fry and white patio lights.
It's the exhaling comfort of being known.

Joy is turning 35 with gratitude.
It's a sweet call from my mom. And then my dad.
The text from my brother, where I'm reminded...
though we're years (and miles) apart, we are peers. Friends.

Joy is turning 35 with hope.
It's the lovely new man that has brightened my summer. 
My day. My mind. It's the ease of being myself. 
Laughter filling the space. Affection, my heart.

Joy is turning 35 with recognition.
Recognition that today is just one page in this book of life.
Recognition that this winding journey 
has taken me through valleys and mountains.
And that though, at times foggy and quiet, I've never been alone.

My prayer today, a bit different than a year ago, and yet the same.
I'm thankful for the past. Hopeful for what's ahead. Desiring to live in the now.

Joy is knowing, this journey, every bit of it is...
Worth it.


Una said...

Happy birthday, Layla. Happy life. oxox

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