Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Golden Hour

There is a golden hour I know of. 

It begins the moment I wake up to the moment my housemates emerge. (Except Mariah, because that girl is always up and out before any of us)

As if you needed proof.
Living in a house with three great friends is a major gift. Seriously, these ladies are amazing. I can't imagine living in Fresno without them.

Now, my housemates can attest to the fact that I'm an extrovert. They have seen me at my extrovert finest, sometimes following them around the house (Mattie gets the brunt of this) begging for conversation. (Deedee, know you miss me =)

Little do they know about my golden hour, where all my superhero powers get recharged. 

It's when the house is quiet. 
Sunshine fills the kitchen.  
It's when I can sip a beautiful cup of coffee, think about my day and what I hope to accomplish. It's when I read from this and pray for my family and friends. Sometimes it's when I catch up on Project Runway (since The Bachelorette is over....wait, what?) or listen to The Avett Brothers pandora station. (my summer addiction) 

It's when I have free reign of the bathroom, taking my sweet time getting ready. Any neglect of this golden hour and I have to share it with two others. Not the worst thing for me (since I love morning chats) but means lots of bumping into each other. 

Oh, how I love my golden hour. 
(Is that Mattie I hear stirring...gotta go.) 


Eleanor said...

Ly you're such a fun writer to read. This was also fun to read about my favorite gals!

Anonymous said...

ah golden hour with golden coffee. beaut. love you! -marmar

heathorock said...

keep the posts coming!

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