Friday, September 7, 2012

The Grapevine

The Five Southbound.
photo credit: here

The last time I drove over the grapevine it was by accident. Not only was it a 60 mile detour, but it was the second time I had made that error. Both times I was aiming for Vegas and missed the 58 at Bakersfield. 

The first time around it wasn't until I actually saw the sign for Magic Mountain and then actual Magic Mountain when I realized the error.

This meant I not only drove 40 miles on the wrong freeway, in the wrong direction, but I also drove over the grapevine to accomplish this impressive feat. 

It’s not that I’m directionally challenged, but that I have the remarkable ability to ignore that little voice that insists something is wrong. 

The second time it happened, I admit I was the navigator, but that I had neglected my navigator duties. Granted we were driving at night, so nothing looked familiar anyways, but there is no excuse, I suppose. Did I mention I'm originally from Vegas?

The real problem was that I was so engrossed in a game of Draw Something that I failed to pay attention.

I mean, come on... this level of pictionary takes time and concentration.  

Well, this time around…our plan IS to drive over the grapevine and pass Magic Mountain and aim for Los Angeles (for an IV conference). 

This time around…I’m neither the driver, nor the navigator. I’m just a passenger in a van full of friends, able to start this post and draw to my heart’s content. 

This time around...I'm free to recognize or not recognize the landscape and bring up conversation topics that will likely take us off course.

And if we end up in Vegas, I will take no blame.


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