Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Turns out...

Turns out that driving 220 miles (roundtrip) to be with Bakersfield students all day is totally worth it. Even if the drive home is exhausting. Even if your eyelids begin to weigh a million pounds. Even if you miss your daily writing goal by a smidge. 

Turns out, if you begin your talk with an embarrassing story about picking up petrified buffalo poop on a hike, thinking it was tree bark, and in order to prop your camera up for a group photo, you'll win trust points with college students. 

Turns out, if your shirt feels funny, it's possible you have it on backwards. Turns out students on campus won't notice and you'll laugh to yourself about it all day long. Turns out you don't have to look very far for embarrassing stories. 

Turns out that your staff team in Bakersfield is amazing and spending a day with them fills you with gratitude for who they are and their partnership. 

Turns out, praying for wisdom is often healthier than praying for success...for your own soul.

Turns out, a facebook post can lead to praying friends (near and far) & encouraging texts can carry you through a full day. 

Turns out that even though it's been 15 years, I can still remember the first time I prayed like it was yesterday. It was the beginning of a conversation that has never ended. 

Turns out that sometimes taking the risk to say "hello" can be one of the scariest and best things ever. 

Turns out, I'm ready to turn in. 
Full of wisdom. 
Full of joy. 
Full of hope. 


Teri said...

You DIDN'T miss your goal! Says you posted at 11:44. You deserve some applause for that. So glad the day was a joy and a success.
Love all your stories, embarrassing and otherwise.

Blah Blah Blayla said...

Well...turns out I did make it home just before midnight & began this blog, but didn't actually post till after midnight. Thanks so much for your encouragement throughout the day!! =) Glad to see you found inspiration yesterday, too!

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