Thursday, October 4, 2012

All of us.

I normally don't like watching commercials. I usually try to mute them when I remember. It's a habit I picked up from Randy and Tina and my days at the White's House. I recognize the benefits of limiting the number of voices I let whisper into my ear. Often these commercials whisper things like "you really need this to be happy/popular/normal" or 'why don't you look/act/feel like that?' So avoiding commercials is one way to help better my odds for contentment. 

The problem is I really love stories. Commercials, the good ones, are often products wrapped in stories with a great soundtrack for good measure. I'm a sucker for those. 

I once saw the sweetest love story told in less than one minute about a boy and a girl and a bottle of Coca-Cola. 

Well, I came across this commercial/story yesterday. It's about a high school freshman soccer goalie, Daniel Cui. After experiencing a crushing series of losses, he was lacking confidence.

That is until something happened....

"He was a normal kid, just like us. 
We have our high's. We have our low's. 
And that's when we realized we're all Daniel Cui." 


Una said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Teri said...

Made me cry. So good to hear good stories of kids standing up for each other when it seems we're bombarded by stories of bullying. Love it.

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