Monday, May 6, 2013

Bakersfield is where it's at...

And by "it" I mean our tri-annual Divisional Staff Meetings. Three days. Roughly 40 staff. Despite the recent heat wave, we even had a cool, breezy afternoon with reports of an evening thunderstorm. (I thought of you, DV) I'm looking forward to these meetings, as they are often a place of great friendship, refreshment and vision for ministry. I am also leading a portion of them, so the idea of writing felt a bit cumbersome tonight  especially after a couple of long days getting everything ready for this week, but now that I'm writing and getting something on the page, it doesn't feel as daunting as it did just a few minutes ago. 

Well, I should end on a high note before heading to bed. 

Below is an infographic by InterVarsity's 2100 graphic team, in honor of these IV meetings. It's a venn diagram of the various things Senior Citizens and Graduating Seniors have in common. 



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