Tuesday, February 3, 2009

new year...new blog here

So, I'm doing it... it's one of my goals for my sabbatical (and the year) and i'm doing it!...
so here it is- my own blog.

if you plan on spending any time reading this thing i should let you in on a few things about me and my blogging habits: i am random, i like verbal processing, i am usually wordier than i need to be... and my favorite punctuation is the ellipsis...

so that's me- I am staying in Portland, OR (through the end of February) with my friend mary (and her puppy Charlie) and have enjoyed my time here in the pacific northwest (esp since the sun has been out lately!)

I am trying to have a little structure to my day so lately I have been working out in the morning, checking out new parts of portland in the afternoon, and sipping good coffee (or martinis) in the evenings with friends. So far i have done that for 2 days- but it's been good. Tomorrow I plan to go hiking at Multnomah Falls and can't wait to see how my 6 mile hike with Charlie goes!


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