Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Where I'm From" (poem)

I am from aluminum cans, Pepsi products and postcards.

I am from the weathered, dusty and two flights of stairs.

I am from the hydrangea, the fluffy purple petals that warmly welcome me.

I am from "don't cross your legs" and thick eyebrows, from Theresa and Hanash and Ashiba.

I am from the stern and distinguished and silly and everybody's friend.

From don't bite your tongue and call me when you get there.

I'm from Las Vegas, Lebanon, and Japan; from pita bread and sticky rice.

From the great uncle who refused to hire my dad to the Japanese showgirl moving to America,
and the two people who met by the pool at their apartment complex.

I am from a box in my parent's closet with photo and memories tossed inside,
gathering dust and increasing in value as time goes on.

This is where I am from.

You can make your own "where i'm from" poem following this template found here


Teri said...

Love this. Love you! And copied the idea on my blog, thanks!

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