Monday, February 16, 2009

What a day it's been...

After spending a great long weekend in Corvalis, Oregon visiting Kristen (who I was in Asia with) I hopped in my delightful rental car and headed back to Portland. 

 My last conversation with Kristen went something like this: "So, you know how to get to the freeway from here?" -K "Kind of" -me "Head straight on Van Buren, pass the brige and you'll see I-5" "Perfect- i should be home in about an hour and a half, right? (Kristen nodded) 

Love it! It's so funny because in Vegas anytime we travel anywhere we are so used to driving anywhere between 5 - 8 hours to get anywhere. One and a half hours is nothing! This will be a breeze!" 

Famous Last Words.

Like I said, I hopped in my car and before I even hit the freeway I got on my cell and began catching up with some friends (one of the best perks of long drives home). I caught up with Kendra, Mandy, Deedee... I would have called everyone I knew except for the fact that my cell phone died. My last conversation with Deedee was realizing that something funky was happening with my GPS since it told me I arrived at my destination (Portland) but clearly I was in the middle of a side road between a tree farm and a flock of sheep. 

Wondering why I took the side road?! Me Too... All I can say is it's because my GPS, Gloria, told me to make a slight right, so i did. 

I pulled over, reset my destination address and headed back to the I-5 freeway. That's when I realized that while I had 2 hours of amazing conversations with my friends, I drove 2 hours on I-5 in the WRONG direction. I, at no point in those 2 hours, realized that nothing I was driving by was familiar. Not the tree farms. Not the new town of Eugene. Not even Calapooia River. I mean, come on...Calapooia! No, that's not when it hit me. It took me using the very last of my phone battery juice to call Kristen and her access to Google Maps to realize that the little town of Cottage Grove, OR was way, way off

So, I drove the 2 hours back to Corvalis and then another 1.5 hours to Portland. Then when I got home I was eager to write about it and found out my blog had people issues and I spent as much time on my computer as I had in my car! 

What a day it has been. All was not wasted, though, as you are reading my new,new blog (which you can now comment on), I got to see some cute little lambs on the sheep farms. I can now say I have seen Eugene, OR (sort of). I saw 2 hitchhikers, a tree farm (so that's where they come from), and lots of lots of pretty, green grass fields. And let's not forget... Calapooia River, baby!

Hope your day has been better!


The Kannenbergs said...

So did Mary tell you I blog stalk you via her blog? ;0) Seems we were in Corvallis at the same time...and getting to I-5 can be a bit tricky...even for a seasoned Corvallis visitor like myself! If Gloria ever sends you south on I-5 again and you find yourself in Medford give us a ring!

Teri said...

"clearly I was in the middle of a side road between a tree farm and a flock of sheep" --- ooooooooh, Layla - I needed the laugh! Thanks. Sorry you traveled out of your way, but glad you had that phone time and I get this huge chuckle.


Thanks for figuring it out, after awful hours of computer crap. I'm loving reading your writing and now I can chime in back at ya.

Blah Blah Blayla said...

Hi Nicki! So fun to hear from you! I tried to stalk you through your blog but i can't ;) but your pic is adorable and so is your man and your kids!

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