Thursday, February 12, 2009

Six words on my mind

So I woke up this morning, made my way to a cafe for some good coffee, reading and thinking. I read a great excerpt from this book and as I opened my journal to jot down some thoughts I had to turn to a blank page because more of these Six-Word Memoirs kept coming to mind. Like a classic 'p' this kind of self-interruption happens often so I have learned when it does to just write it down and come back to it later.

This is me coming back to it later.
Here are some more of my 6-word Memoirs. Some make sense, some may not, but it was fun nonetheless.

"Greed grabs, gratitude receives"; I'm responding.

Smile, wink, hello; no phone call

Fearing one day will never come

Chipping away debt; not soon enough.

Stopped waiting to exhale; now deflated.

Not lying saved their broken marriage

(This one has a back story that I just found out about a year ago. My parent's divorced when i was in the 6th grade. They did not talk to each other. At all. It wasn't civil, it was ugly as divorce is. Often I was caught in the middle. In the 9th grade my cousin and i got caught shoplifting. When we were being questioned, separately, I told my cousin, in Arabic, to tell the truth, since i sucked at lying (I apparently sucked at stealing too.) So I told the truth, she didn't. Eventually we got busted, 86-ed from Dillards and given a court date. It was at that court hearing that my parents had their first post-divorce conversation and there too realized that their choices were effecting us kids. That was the beginning of their road to remarriage which took place one year later in 1992. They have been remarried ever since.)


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