Thursday, March 5, 2009

4 Things I Am Learning...

The weather was beautiful today and I enjoyed, both, a tall nonfat latte on the new starbucks patio about 50 steps from my home...

...and another 3 miles at Sunset Park. Turns out the stinky pond water really only mists on you when it's windy (mental note taken).

Four things I am learning about running...
Despite being unlady like, sometimes spitting is just necessary.
Sometimes your mind can be your best cheerleader or your worst enemy.
New shoes really do help. (The kicks I just tossed were over 4 years old)
AND That hankie really does comes in handy for mile number three.

All together a lovely day.


Larissa said...

Hey, look who I found in the blogosphere!

irene said...

Next time I see you I want to go running with you! I used the madlib "I'm from..." tonight at a meeting. Love the blog!

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