Friday, March 6, 2009

Something Sweet...

You don't have to look far nor wide to recognize that today's views on life and relationships are vastly different that in days past.

In a day and age where...
living together is the new marriage...
virginity is the new gay...
and quarter life crisis is the new mid life crisis...

it's no wonder why so many people my age are jaded about "till death do us part".

It doesn't help when you grow up hearing 'the divorce rate is 50% both in and outside of the church'.


Today, though, I heard something sweet.

Isela, was getting teased by her daughter and granddaughter (my cousin) for making out with her husband. Oh, by the way, she's in her 80's. (I know weird mental picture, but it gets better.)

The reason: her husband suffered a minor stroke on the way to Las Vegas and is in the hospital. She found him unconscious on the plane and I am surprised she didn't suffer a stroke herself. Amazingly, there were 3 nurses on the flight, one sitting right behind her. Thankfully he's totally fine and seems to have suffered NO damages from the stroke!!

When Isela rejoined her husband in the hospital room, Isela and her husband of 62 years couldn't help but express their affections.

Grinning, Isela explained to me, "We've been married 62 years, we've earned the right" 62 years!!!

Yes, yes you have! @-^--


The Kannenbergs said...

Love this story. Reminds me of my grandparents 61 years together. One time I overheard them talking about the difficulty that age creates when it comes to doing the 'brnt brnt'--my scientific term for sexual relations. Kinda gross, but then enduring when you think about it.

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