Thursday, March 12, 2009

a last hurrah...

March 16 will officially be my first day back to work from a 6 month hiatus (sabbatical).

I remember being home for Christmas after traveling for 3 months, sitting there on my childhood bedroom set, thinking how am I going to fill another 3 months.

Well, I managed to just fine, and it's been a glorious ride, but like all rides- it's come to an end.

Monday... I... go... back... to... work.

I am actually super excited... but a couple months ago I realized that I need closure, sabbatical closure. I know I have had a lifetime of amazing experiences during this sabbatical- but i needed something to signify the end.

I've been back in Vegas for 2 weeks. I've moved back into my condo (even though my parents tried to convince me to stay at home). And I've enjoyed great days of being with friends, family and incorporating good habits into my life here. But I didn't want to wake up in 3 days and think- ok... today will be different... today I will work.

I needed a last hurrah.

So, sabbatical closure ideas... a few months ago, I found an amazing cheap Carnival Cruise deal... and tried talking my roommates into a 4 day Mexico cruise. The benefits- all inclusive, no planning.

The cons-
possibility of falling off the cruise ship, no one noticing, shark eating me, and oh, yeah- Deedee get super seasick.

So that was out.

A month ago we changed it to... a beach trip~ my only requirement for this final sabbatical weekend- no sleeping on the floor (as IV student and staff, you'd be surprised to find out how many times we've crashed on the floor)

Well, tomorrow morning I leave with 3 of my girlfriends (Mandy, Deedee, and Mattie) for a weekend in San Diego. Thanks to we booked a great 4 star hotel (probably the nicest i'll have ever stayed in) for such a great price!

It's got a rooftop pool and lounge. It's in a great walking neighborhood, Gaslamp District. It's 5 min from the beach. It's got Aveda bath products and animal print robes. It's cute, really cute.

Now that's sabbatical closure, baby!


Mary said...

Good for you Layla-and I'm in the midst of finals...

Teri said...

What a wonderful-sounding trip. Cheers (and prayers) to you as you go back tomorrow!

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