Saturday, April 25, 2009

Because when you run...

a 5k in the morning, you're a winner all day.

Ok- here's the play by play:
For the last 7 weeks I have been learning to run. For about 5 weeks I was beautifully consistent with about 3-4 jogs a week using C25k running podcast.

Two weeks ago I lost a little steam.

I came back from sabbatical, started working longer hours, and began traveling more (such is a staffworker's life) Nevertheless, I made a goal of running this 5k today about 2 months ago. I signed up and got my roommates to join me. Today, despite our lack of recent running, we ran our first race.

Sure it was Town Square's Family Fit Day and the 5k was more like a fun run... but here came the deciding moment whether it would be more fun or run for us.

About 1 minute into the race there was a fork in our path... walkers led to the right (shorter path for them) and runners to the left. Our game plan was to begin with a warm-up 3 minute fast walk and then run... but at this 2 minute mark we were forced to make this decision. We shot each other inquisitive glances to see what the other was thinking)... and with determination in our eyes... kicked up speed and we went LEFT.

For the next 31 minutes we ran (as much as we could) and walked as we needed... 

Over all we finished in 33 minutes with an average pace of about 10.6 minutes. I count this a victory. The prize: Apart from our awesome run medals we got at the finish line, we treated ourselves to lunch at Med Cafe. Notice the medals?!


And then pedicures... 

And now we're lounging on this lovely Saturday afternoon with a tall glass of water, a victory bowl of ice cream, and reruns of Sport's Night on the tele.

But don't worry, I'm still wearing my medal... like I said 'winner all day'.

Next goal: 10k in August (it's the fire department's race so I gotta practice looking cute while i run, this may take all summer) but I'm pumped!


Teri said...

Way to go!!! High five and big hug and congratulations and all that stuff. I'm so happy for you! Did you love it?

An AUGUST run? Here? What time of day? If it's local, I'd love to run it with you!

Pedicures afterwards is a GENIUS idea! So is wearing the medal all day. Bravo!

Honesty: the lost art said...

firefighters did you say?

Rob said...

You'd better still be wearing that medal when I see you next week!! Good job Ly!

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