Monday, April 20, 2009

I Know What I Want

...a day where I actually wake up to my alarm instead of popping up way before it goes off still feeling sleepy but not sleepy enough to get those last couple hours in.

...a day where I can sit down in front of my borrowed computer to accomplish a given task and then, instead of starting (but not finishing) six other things on the computer, actually accomplishing that first thing.

...and for that matter, I also want the insurance company to give me money to buy a new computer or for the robbers to give me back my old one

... I want one of them to make up their minds. I also want to know what my brother is up to right now, right this minute since I haven't caught up with him in a long while. 

One thing I know I don't want anymore of today... that's coffee!

It's almost midnight and I know what I do HAVE:
the caffine jitters, a self-imposed deadline, a big project to finish, and a fear that when I attempt to fall asleep in a couple hours, I will have that nagging feeling that I didn't get enough done today... and just before I drift into dream-land, I will pop up and jot down one more thing to my new to-do list in an attempt to prepare for a new tomorrow.


Teri said...

If I had my medical degree, I'd prescribe another sabbatical!
Or at least a professional massage and maybe some crazy internal "cleanse" to wash out the caffeine.
There's a place by my house that does those colonics. If you're ever interested.
Now THERE'S a topic!
I hope you got good sleep last night.

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