Saturday, April 11, 2009

Open letter to the robbers...

dear robber(s)
we know you have our laptops and we understand you have reasons for taking them. but can you please, please, please burn a cd of all the files and photos on our hard drives and leave them in this envelope below. no questions asked.
thank you very much.


Sunday afternoon at 4pm our home was broken into and, among other things, all our laptops was stolen. That night (with doors double locked and prayers said) I had this dream that I posted a poster/envelope with that letter for what i'll call our uninvited guests (though i've called them worse in my head).

Last night Mike told me a story about a woman's purse that was stolen from church right in front of a group of people. The robber just drove up, grabbed it and drove off. They stopped, prayed that the robber would experience conviction and return the old woman's purse. A few minutes later, he did (just drove up and gave it back!) 

Sunday night I prayed for a few things- peace as we fell asleep, safety as our heart rates increased at every little sound, and recovery of our stolen goods. I had a lot of praise for the fact that noone was home or hurt.

While I did fall asleep thinking about the robber and what kind of person he might be or why he's resulted to robbery... I mostly prayed his efforts would fail and his money making plans thwarted... but I didn't really think to pray he would be personally convicted (feel guilty) and desire to return what he took and what he did.

While one week later I still have flashing moments of hope that our laptops will be found...(mostly because of the irreplaceable photos and videos and files stored only on those hard drives)... I also pray that maybe this robber will experience a growing conviction that what he is doing is just wrong and does something to make it right.

And if he does show up soon to return what was taken, I will say 'thank you, thank you very much' ...but i will say this through my double locked mesh iron gates and tell him that sometimes the scars of crime run deeper than our pocketbooks and take longer to heal.


Teri said...

I'm impressed you have your speech prepared in advance should the perp show up at your house. Good thinking! (And good opportunity for me to try using the word "perp".)

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