Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to Live a Long Life Tip #38

Once in my late twenties I was watching one of those TV commercials for some prescription drug.

The commercial began with a self-test.... I don't remember the exact questions, but they were something like this:
Do you frequently forget what you are doing in the middle of some task? (me: yes)
Do you forget people's names? (me: yes!)
Do you put things somewhere and then forget where? (me: YES!!!!!)
If you answered yes then you might be suffering from early onset Alzheimer's.

AHHHHHH... I knew it!!! (Deep Breathe)

Okay, so for some time now my ears perk up when I hear tips on how to keep you mind alert into old age. One tip I constantly hear about is 'learning a new skill' to keep your mind sharp.

My mom, an extraverted Japanese immigrant in her 60's, is excelling at her new skill: EMAIL

She's been at it on her own for about 3 weeks now. I was so proud to hear that she's been emailing my brother regularly. She even emailed a friend of hers all by herself!!! I am SO proud of her!

Well, considering my early onset disposition, I too am learning a new skill: how to SWIM

Thanks to Nicole, my friend and a certified swimming instructor, I began my first lesson with what I call swimming. Nicole laughed gently. I laughed hysterically. I knew that my swimming was a cross of running underwater and a puppy avoiding drowning.

After about an hour of learning how to kick without bending my knees (barbie legs), blow bubbles underwater (without breathing back in) and how to swing my arms... my amazing teacher said: You are doing much better than when you started!
So, I'm learning MY new skill, reclaiming my agility and looking forward to lesson number two!


Teri said...

You're a superhero. Running and swimming! You're two-thirds of the way to a triathalon.
How great you're taking this on.
I wouldn't recommend crossword puzzles, based on your post. My grandma did those like crazy and still got Alzheimers. Much better to swim and to review your mom's e-mails.

Honesty: the lost art said...

oh man, I was mostly laughing at the lifeguard. hahaha I also said you were doing a lot better than you thought you were. ha haha I love this post.

Rae said...

You're so funny! I miss you.

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