Tuesday, July 6, 2010

S.O.S. (Sick of Sickness)

**I wrote the following on Wed, May 26... just never published. (Scroll to end for current update)

 In 9 days I will be 'on the road' for 4 weeks. It's actually five different trips back to back... half of them are training retreats with InterVarsity, one is a trip home, and one is a fun trip to NYC to visit my brother (though he's technically a Brooklynite). As my departure day gets closer I've got many things on my mind...(what to pack, do i need my laptop, have i booked my flights for the right days...) but mostly I'm asking this: will I be healthy by then?! Since I moved to Fresno I have struggled with various colds, allergies, and the like. I guess it's common because everyone who lives here usually responds with "Welcome to Fresno". It began in November with a sinus cold, December was bronchitis- as was January- and though there was a brief respite in March... April and May has turned up a chronic sinus infection and cough.

This can't be the new normal.

 It's left me medicated, tired and a little 'not myself'. Just this weekend I was walking into Ross with a friend when a couple of 15 year olds were throwing snappers... those little firecrackers that POP when they hit the ground. They began throwing them at our feet and I was so startled that I looked at them and said "Really, Really?!... you DO NOT do that... that is inappropriate." They snickered... I turned to walk into Ross when I heard another POP, POP, POP and turned to see them throwing them at three other girls walking by. Now, I am not sure who or what to blame for what I said next... I turned and blurted "Stop that. Right now! You do not throw those at people. If you don't stop I will find your parents and you will be grounded!"

Yes. I told these kids they'd be grounded.

When I was 15, if some strange lady told me she'd "ground me" I'd die of laughter before I died of embarrassment! Of all the things I could have said and done...I said they'd be grounded! So, that's what happens when you're me, startled and medicated.

 Quite medicated...I've filled 11 different prescriptions since December (which means I'm out of flex $ and it's only May) and am currently on my fourth round of antibiotics. I feel like the last 2 months have been the hardest because not only am I still sick, but my trust and hope for getting better diminishes with every failed attempt to get better.

 Yesterday I got chest x-rays taken and I've got a final doctors appointment next week before I leave Fresno for June. I'm praying for health- in every way. I feel good about this last round, but again I'm a selective optimist...so that feeling may change within the hour.

 **Current Update: I did go to the doctor on June 2nd and found out I had an eye infection and indeed had another chronic sinus infection. I was given 2 more prescriptions and left frustrated and tired. I headed for our InterVarsity Regional Conference at Catalina Island where I found out the theme was Prayer: Intercession and Healing.

Yes, please!

 For some reason, when it came time for an evening of healing prayer, I just knew it was my time. I never score high on the gift of faith on those dinky gifts assessments, but that night was different. I thought of the bleeding woman in Mark who had spent all her money going to doctors which proved to be useless, was desperate for healing, and outcasted.

Now I can't equate my 5 months of sickness to 12 years of bleeding, by ANY means... but I was broke, desperate, and ready! Monday, June 7th I received prayer for healing for my eye infection and sinus infections...as my friend prayed I felt a warm, tingling sensation move throughout my body. It felt like things were moving from the inside of my body, face, eyes, arms. It was strange and amazing at the same time. For the past month I have been completely healthy, no eye allergies, no sinus infection, no headaches, no medication! I have been able to wear contacts with ease. I can breathe and I have energy- so much energy I've actually signed up to run a half marathon in October...well that may be proof that the meds caused some lapse in my judgement.

Nevertheless, I am thankful for my health today and pray for my friends/family who are in need of God's healing and presence as well.


Teri said...

LOVE that you experienced what you did with healing, especially after all it sounds like you've been through.
I might be laughing about that incident with the girls outside Ross for a while.
October half marathon? Where? Should I register?

Blah Blah Blayla said...

Thanks Teri! Me too :)
Yes to the laughing about that Ross incident for a while...sadly it was two jr high BOYS, little skater kids that I scolded... still funny, still a little embarrassing...

YES to the half marathon too...up for a destination run?! It's on October 10th in San Luis Obispo... $60 if you register by Sept 12... AND Allegiant flies to Santa Maria about 40 min south of SLO... there's a great group starting to train (lots of first timers) including Mandy and Deedee... and Rob and his crew... Here's the website: www.citytothesea.org
Let me know what you think :)

Beth said...

Hi there! I've heard of Teri's friend who lives in Fresno but then I found your blog on her blog and thought I would read it. Your incident at Ross made me laugh. That is probably so many people think and yet don't say, good for you to have a bold moment.

I'm originally from Reedley and unfortunately there are so many allergy related problems to living in the valley. I am so thankful to hear that you experience healing. God is so good!

Have fun on your marathon!

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