Tuesday, September 28, 2010


33 things I am thankful for in my life: 

33. This day on which i was born
32. My 'we look normal on the outside, but really we're all crazy' family

31. Having best girlfriends 

30. PiCasa, my new house, across from Fresno State

29. Training for THIS half marathon and ballet classes
28. Painted nails for special occasions (black for race days, pink for best friend's wedding day) 
27. Teri and the much appreciated encouragement to keep blogging =) and the comfort of knowing at least one person is reading this!
26. The ability to daydream, hope, ponder, and pray
25. My new Fresno small group and the possibility of new friends
24. Filling my favorite coffee mug, a wide rimmed white ceramic Starbucks mug, with freshly brewed Pete's coffee, and not feeling guilty about it!
23. The wild and crazy students at Fresno City College whom I love (shout out to G'mo, Caleb and Edwin) and my amazing Fresno staff partners (MSG, Sara+, Mimi and RaiRai)
22. Hanging out with the Isch's
21. My new roommates: Noemi and Mariah

20. Good times (and great conversations) with Nicole

19. Making new friends this summer
18. Having (and surviving) difficult conversations and coming out stronger on the other side
17. Seeing God do 3 miracles this past year (my uncle surviving, my cousin waking up from a coma, and my 6 mo sickness healed)
16. Being Deedee's maid of honor and being able to stand beside my best friend as she married Steve on Saturday

15. My new Cannon Rebel xsi DSLR and the great photos I've taken this summer
14. Watching cartoon movies with the Dixon kids, man, they are energetic and adorable!
13. Birthday candles (and the birthday wishes that come with them...one per candle, right?!)
12. The Surf and Turf and ALL my crazy staff friends!! Including...

11. Woodward Park and Fresno/Clovis Running Trails
10. My new friend, Plamena, from Bulgaria, studying in Sweden, and on exchange in Fresno
 9.  Having friends with whom I can say "what, you too?! I thought I was the only one..." (-c.s. lewis) 
 8.  Dark Chocolate covered strawberries (let's be honest, dark chocolate covered anything!)
 7.  My mom's email

 6. Watching my brother follow his dreams in New York, and having an IMDB page to prove it!
 5. Breakfasts with my cousin Desi
 4. My Vanilla Bear BFF

 3. Being able to see how God has grown and transformed RCF in the 2 years I've been gone!
 2. Birthday brownies, mcflurries, tirimisu (and the sugar comas that follow)
 1. This promise of God


Moms said...

I CAN'T be the only reader, surely!
You are worth the wait - I love to read what you write.
A few comments:
Your family is stinkin' gorgeous - all 4 of you.
CONGRATS to Deedee! So happy for her, and she was a beautiful bride. (And you a good-lookin' maid of honor!)
I want to be friends with people with the last name Isch. It reminds of "-ish". I don't know why that strikes me as so funny. Like they're a nice-ish couple. They're just "sort-of" everything. Does anyone else get this?
It's fun to see Melissa - even in a photo on a blog.
I love that I made your list.
And my favorite thing of all is your e-mail from your mom. I will smile all day!
Love you. Hope the pink polish lasts a few more days.

Teri said...

By the way, that was me, Teri, your only reader, in case you didn't figure it out. I forgot I was logged in on a different account and didn't want you to think you had a particularly familiar stalker. Of course, now I made you think you have 2 comments already and I'm sorry for that, too. What else can I apologize for while I have your attention?
(Honestly, though, I can't be your only reader!)

Blah Blah Blayla said...

Teri! Your comments ALWAYS make me smile! :) The pink polish is standing strong, but I am getting the black nail polish ready for my race in 2 weeks.. and when I look down and see the black polish I will remember when we ran 7 miles in March and will imagine you cheering me on the extra 6.1 miles across that finish line. Much love Teri!

Teri said...

Back at ya!
(Shall I light a candle during your race and keep you in prayer? Oh! And do you have a support team with a back-up iPod in case yours dies this race?)

cussface said...

Really?? Number 4? So I can understand coming in behind the promises of God thing-- but behind RCF and brownies? Ok, maybe I can understand the brownies thing, because lets be honest, it is in the chocolate family, but I'm still struggling with the coming in behind RCF. Really, I think that I could move up or is it down? a spot or two. I don't think it's too late to change your blog right?-- but hey, it's your decision.

Blah Blah Blayla said...

Hahaha Cussface~
Maybe I should have mentioned that this list is in NO particular order. That's an important piece of information to mention, otherwise I'd never hear the end of it from my family =) You're always no. 1 in my heart, right behind brownies, of course.

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