Thursday, December 30, 2010

11 Things (Part Two)

What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011? (Part two)

Not my photo, but sure like it!
5. Distractions
There was an interview on NPR yesterday about our addiction to technology and a discovery to why we feel the incessant need to check our smart phones at a stop light, check our emails before bed, etc... the reason: BOREDOM. Our inability to deal with being still often leads us to distract ourselves, keep busy with technology. Guilty. In 2011, I want to be mindful, and intentional, and then I'll check my lyPhone.

4. A Deficit
Over the past two years, several things have happened. The economy tanked,  expenses increased, and I went from being the only staff at UNLV to being the Fresno Area Director (and only staff at Fresno City College). The result, I ended 2010 with a deficit. I'm so thankful for the support team I do have. As I read many of my ministry friend's newsletters, both within and outside of InterVarsity, I recognize that this is common across the board. My prayer, BIG prayer, is that in 2011, that not only will the deficit be cleared, but I will end 2011 with a surplus...that God would provide in such a way that only He can. If I learned anything in 2010, is that He works miracles!

3. Worrying
"Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?"- Jesus (Mt 6:27)
No, but I sure seem to think so sometimes. I'd like to try and do that a little less in 2011. Maybe this will help.

2. Advertisements
A couple friends of mine have a healthy habit of muting commercials when they watch television. I'm a marketing executives dream...I see commercials, read magazines, look at billboards...and absorb their subtle messages of what I should look like, buy, need, or feel. I'm foolish if I'm not proactive! Consider me unsubscribed.

1. Disappointment
This trips me up more than anything. My unrealistic expectations keep me disappointed with myself. My unmet expectations keep me disappointed with God and others. This past year, my biggest prayer was that "the God of hope would fill me with all joy and peace as I trusted in Him, so that I would overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit". That's my prayer for 2011 too! 

Call this a wish list. Call it a prayer. 
Call it a page from my journal. 
There you go.

Now, here's to 2011. 


Teri said...

What great reflecting.
Regarding that #5 - can it be loneliness as well as boredom? I just love that connected feeling I get from all the internet stuff, but it seems pretty lacking at the same time.
When you left tonight, I was sad it would be a while til I see you again, then I realized how nice it is to have the blog and facebook. So I suppose it isn't all pathetic and boredom-driven.

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