Sunday, December 5, 2010

Because sometimes a walk is just a walk...

Have you ever been disappointed by something, not because it wasn't that great... but rather your high expectations kept you from being able to appreciate it for what it was?

As I entered my second day at St. Anthony's Retreat Center, I thought I'd start the morning with a lovely walk. Having had a great night's rest (I'm coming off a cold, so I caught up on MUCH needed zzz's), I grabbed the area map with all of the nearby trails marked out.

Now, here's how I saw the morning going. 

I'd pick the perfect trail, which would clearly lead to the nearby river. I'd get some great photo op's and during said walk, the heavens would part, and I would both hear from God and have perfect clarity on what to do with my life. And what the heck, maybe a nice handsome jogger would be running by at that same moment and wanna go grab some coffee.

Ok- so that's not exactly what I expected... but close. 

Here's what happened. 

I grabbed my map, camera and coffee. I picked a trail that looked fun for about 3.5 minutes until it turned into a steep muddy slope and stopped right at the road. (It was a poorly designed map.) I took the road, still hoping for a great walk and some great shots. I made my way towards a bridge. Everything around me ended up being private property, the bridge was sadly underwhelming and the river was just far enough away to hear it but not see it. 

I turned around, remembering there was a lovely bench on the hill someways up, and I headed back. A perfect spot for some reflecting. However, after making my way up the muddy hill, somehow stepping into a spiderweb, and ending up a whole lot sweatier than when I began, I sat down a little disappointed. 

And that's when I heard it. 

Not sure if it was God or the coffee speaking. 
But that's when I heard "sometimes a walk is just a walk". 

Often, I have such high expectations. Of what I want out of life. Of what I want from people. 
Of what I want from a stinking lovely morning walk. 
I want the spectacular. I want revelation. I want extraordinary.

But sometimes a walk is just a walk.

And sometimes the point is to just enjoy the moment. And the company.

Me. God. Nature. 
An ordinary miracle. 


janelle said...

Well said.
I think I have high expectations for everyday. I think I read too many books.
Most of the time I just need to sit down and enjoy the things around strewn about, whiny four year old, piles of dirty dishes in the sink, and poopy diapers!

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