Monday, December 6, 2010


Last Wednesday, I spoke at the InterVarsity Large Group meeting at Fresno State.

I was speaking on our identity. Rather than begin the time with a mini-bio of who I am...most of which would come out through the stories I'd be telling that night. I decided to give the students permission to ask me anything they wanted to know about me in 3 questions.

Anything was on the table...and as long as I had an answer I'd tell it.

During the day I wondered what they might ask. I prepared mentally for some doozies.
What's your biggest regret? What are you afraid of?
What's your deepest darkest sin? What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
What's your most embarrassing moment?

What I got was:
How did you become a Christian?
How did you get involved in InterVarsity?
How was it living in Las Vegas?

And the piece de resistance...What's your favorite cereal?

Maybe I'm just a morbid, nosy, and peculiar kind of person but those are the things I'd want to know...

Well, just so a good story doesn't go to waste.
Here's what I would have shared for my 'most embarrassing moment'?

I was in college and living in the dorms. In the years I lived in the dorms I was always late to class. I lived 95 steps from my classroom, but still... late.

One one such day, I knew right after class I'd have too get to a teaching appointment, so I decided to ride my bike to class. According to my math, I was going to be late unless I left right on time. My plan, then, was to be the first one out of class and bike fast to the dorms. Grab my car and hit the road.

Well, I was the first one out of class. The plan was going well. I began to bike down towards the main path.

Now a couple things you need to know here:

1. I had just learned how to ride a bike that year.
2. Low rise jeans were really popular at that time.

Aware of fact number 2, I suddenly realized that as my classmates were getting out of class, they were also getting a shot at my suddenly too low rise jeans.

I let go of one hand to adjust my t-shirt, a minor adjustment, I thought for sure. When the other hand, rather than holding the bike steady, swung which my entire bike flipped. And I landed somewhere in between the mess.

Now the beauty of this was not just that it happened in front of my classmates. BUT at this same time a group of guys were doing construction on something just near enough to point and laugh...but not close enough to help.

I broke the chain off my bike. I twisted my ankle pretty bad. I was late.

And I was pretty embarrassed.
That was why when a really nice guy came up to me and said
"I'm a fireman... can I help?"
I responded "No, I'm not on fire."

He did end up carrying my bike for me.

There you go.

Now isn't that story better than hearing "Fruit Loops is my favorite cereal"?

Oh, they did get a kick out of this though: My student ID from 1997!

Someone asked if my hair was in a ponytail. I explained that Friends was a really popular show at the time. And though I asked for the Rachel... I ended up with the Joey. ;(


Teri said...

So funny! Especially the Friends hair references.
I love the reply you gave the firefighter.
And I have more than once thought to give the audience that opportunity and didn't out of fear that I would be disappointed in their questions! I'm right there with you - I would TOTALLY ask something deeper than favorite cereal! Come on, people!

Mary said...

Oh sweetie, you have a fro.

Dixon said...

Let's go back to that hair Lay!

Charlesfam3 said...

You crack me up!

cussface said...

Next time a fireman asks you if you need help--- Please oh please say "yes, cause I'm on FIRE!!"" Or "Yes, cause I'm HOT!!" I'm sure there are a plethora of responses--- And I would have figured that the most embarrassing story would have involved a FART!! I'm just sayin

Blah Blah Blayla said...

Cussface: maybe you are thinking of YOUR most embarrassing moment! Does this ring a bell: 1997, Valentine's Day Leaders Meeting, Lifesaver game?! Haha

As for me, I guess I'm clumsier than I am gassier?! =)

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