Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Year according to Facebook

It's really only been in the last year that I've used Facebook for anything more than 'looking up' people (read: facestalking) and replying to people's questions left on my wall. I didn't really comment. I didn't really post any status updates unless they were really newsworthy (read: embarrassing or amazing accomplishments). 

Until this year. 
Since moving to Fresno. 
Since Facebook has become a main way of staying connected with a majority of people easily. 

I still don't like how status updates are replacing more personal forms of connecting. But, I mean, how on earth did we communicate small amounts of information to large amounts of people before the internet?! However convenient, I will always choose a coffee date over an update anyday! And don't get me started on how I mourn the loss of the handwritten letter. Nevertheless, since I moved far, far away from so many friends, I updated my status more often this year than I ever have.

Now, I'm kind of glad. Below is a collection of most of my Facebook Status' for 2010.

I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had living it. 
Blessings to you on your reflections of 2010...

(If you're on Facebook and you'd like to make your own 'Year in Status' collage, you can try this link.)


Teri said...

I did have fun reading it - and you do have nice eyebrows. Did he?

Honesty: the lost art said...

yay fedoras

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