Wednesday, December 15, 2010


...Fresno welcomed winter unofficially with fast falling leaves, brisk cool air, and morning after rain smell. 

...I woke up refreshed after a great 8 hours of sleep. 

...I got my eyebrows threaded. (I've got an eyebrow reputation to keep up ;)

...I sighed, but wasn't surprised when I called my dad and brother to find out what they wanted for dinner this week. I was at Trader Joes, they were on their way. His reply, "We don't need dinner, but, oh, that reminds me, can you find us a hotel?" That would be 3 hours before they arrive. I feel the need to mention that they just booked their rental car yesterday. Time to time I get razzed for being indecisive, last minute, and late... my response, "I never had a fighting chance" 

...I got to host friends over for a late lunch. It was good conversation over pita chips with an olive tapenade and a pomegranate, goat cheese and arugala salad. I felt very refined. 

...I got to hold my friend's aborable new baby, Samuel, who not only fell asleep in my arms but kept smiling in his sleep. little brother and dad arrived in Fresno (for the first time ever) and I enjoyed giving them a taste of of the town. My dad was surprised how Fresno was much bigger than he thought. "You have a 99 cent store?! Oh, really?" Yes, he actually said this. My brother said Fresno felt like the midwest. I see what he means. It definitely doesn't feel like Vegas. roommates and I exchanged gifts since we'll be spending Christmas with our families. I found myself thankful for such great friends. 

...saw Nayla, a family friend, for the first time in 10 years. She's around my age, Lebanese, and lives here. Can't wait to have dinner with her this week. 

...I watched LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) on hulu with my roommates. We hooked up the projector and it was great. It was the season finale and it seriously was one big breakdance fight!

...I'm going to bed as soon as I can so I'm rested for tomorrow's day trip to Sequoia with my dad and brother. I expect this time together to generate many blogworthy topics for days to come. 


Teri said...

What a day! "I never had a fighting chance." -- I love it!!!
How IS that threading thing? Haven't tried it.
You have a friend named Nayla? Does anyone else see the similarity?
I am greatly looking forward to the posts following the Sequoia trip. Please don't stumble across anyone's backwoods drug farm.

Honesty: the lost art said...

me and janell were laughing cuz we were like wait what's wrong with this picture of layla? she looks distorted? ha ha ha then janell said that is not layla ha ha ha and we saw her name and had a good laugh for a few minutes....twins

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