Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sequoia or Bust

What should have been a nice short day trip to Sequoia turned out to be a trip full of twists and turns. No, I don't mean any hair raising stunts or park ranger capers, though we did see a black bear cross the road.

See him?! That's the bear after he crossed. 
In order to explain what I mean by twists and turns, I will have to back track to 1965. 

It may have been the year that Lyndon B Johnson was inaugurated, Malcolm X was assassinated, and gas was only 31 cents per gallon, but it was also the year that my dad got his drivers license. Having learned to drive in Lebanon means my do I put it... drives like a maniac. Proof is in the nausea. It says something when my dad, who visited a few years ago, was afraid to drive there because of the crazy traffic. Anything goes kind of driving means you've always got your foot on the gas or brake. 

Since my dad taught me to drive, I in turn, always have my foot on the gas or brake. For years, I could not understand what my friends complained about... 'My driving getting them carsick? What?' 

Then one day, I actually made myself carsick. In my own car, while driving, people! What?

(Consider this my open apology to anyone I've ever made carsick from my driving.)

Flash forward to today. My dad, brother, family friend Nayla, and I loaded up our car and headed for Sequoia. Even though Nayla's lived in Fresno for 10 years, she had never been. We hit the road and a little fog, but things were going great...until...we hit the mountain. 

Enter twists and turns. Enter nausea. My brother and I are really prone to carsickness. My dad and Nayla were not. It's not a coincidence that they both grew up in Lebanon.

Besides the hour drive up the mountain and hour drive down the mountain, Sequoia was beautiful today! There was about a foot of snow and the fog gave the giant forest an erie feeling. Below are just a few of my favorite shots of the day:
The General Sherman Tree, largest living organism in the world.

The road into Sequoia is only open every 2 hours. While we waited in the fog, we snapped up some photos.

My dad loves that he looks so much bigger than my brother in this photo. Without trick photography, that isn't so.

We saw this spot on the way up and decided to stop on the way down, but the fog rolled in and this is what we got.

Perspective on how huge these trees are.

My brother is the one on the right.


Teri said...

With his hands ever in his pockets, your brother looks like an aloof musician on an edgy album cover. (I use "edgy" for everything - don't ask me to define it.) And what a good move by his band to do their photo shoot in Sequoia.

Those pictures are excellent. You oughtta set up shop and have a "buy now" button on your faves. I'd purchase the "road and the trees in the fog" photo.

RaeLynn Bachmeier said...

I too love the fog on the road ahead picture. It holds depth for me; what is to come in my future path?

And of course I laughed about the car sick/driving details. I have experienced nausea from both you and your dad's driving. Fun stuff. I'd never hold it against you though. If it wasn't for driving around so much with you my first few years living in Vegas I probably would have took a lot longer to learn my way around.

Reading your blogs is like the next best thing to having catch up chats with you when we lived together. I like it! =)

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