Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Travel Food Writer.

Last night, after a full day of staff meetings, it was time for some fun. 

On the schedule: Tuesday Trivia Night, InterVarsity edition. A few months ago, while in San Luis Obispo, we tried to attend the Trivia Night at a local campus pizza place called Woodstocks. However, it was completely packed out. Out of 20 or so interested, only 4 staff got to actually play. They got creamed.

This time around we decided to make our own trivia night. One of the staff, Mariah, planned the whole night. Over 20 of us crammed into the cozy Bakersfield staff worker's living room. Clarification: it's the living room that's cozy, not the staff worker.

In addition to both a general trivia and Christmas trivia section, each staff submitted one or two questions about themselves or InterVarsity for two additional categories (staff, IV general). 

Though my team was called Team Awesome, we came in 4th. At Woodstocks, that would have been great. At the Mbong's living room...that meant last. Perspective is everything.

At one point in the night, during the staff trivia section, one of the questions was 'which staff worker wants to be a Travel Food Writer one day'. Someone thought that was me. I found that amusing.

It's true that before I traveled to Southeast Asia a couple years ago, I did search online for opportunities to do some writing for online travel websites but to no such luck.  And yes, I did eat some really interesting things, especially in Thailand and Vietnam. And I'm not sure why they wouldn't appreciate articles like THIS

I did submit the photo in an online travel 'funny signs' photo contest. 
Winning isn't everything.

Being a Travel Food Writer sounds wonderful! You get to see lots of places. You get to eat regional cuisines. You get to tell stories. All things I love. 

What was my Staff Trivia question, you might ask?

Before coming on staff, which staff worker held these jobs: 
surveying truck drivers at a filling station and 
student DJ for the campus radio station (2-6am)? 

That would be me. 


Teri said...

Could you be a travel-food-writer-IV-staff all in one? Seriously, there are a lot of staff and they would all read what you have to say about the eats in a bunch of airports, the Madison-area restaurants - and chains that are across the country. Then add in your take on the cuisine in each of the countries you've been in --- I think you could publish a BOOK!

Otherwise, why oh why did the "do not drop butt" photo get rejected?

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