Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Looking at this...

...just makes me feel happy.

I'll tell you why. It combines a few things I want to remember in one photo.

1. Fall leaves:
I know I already devoted a blog post to this, but I still can't get over these colors! We really don't have colors like this in Las Vegas! I am in awe of creation.

2. My new camera:
You might not notice this from the photo, but there is no one around... not even a photographer! When I saw the scene, I knew I wanted a photo here. I used a flat top trash can as a makeshift tripod and used my self timer (on continuous so it took 10 photos in a row) and had fun playing both photographer and subject. I played around with the aperture and had to take a ton of photos to get the focusing just right (really hard to do without a subject!) but of all the photos I took that day... I just love this one.

3. The location: College of the Sequoias in Visalia, CA.
As an Area Director in the Greater Fresno Area... C.O.S falls under the 'Greater' part. It's located about 40 minutes south of Fresno and does not have InterVarsity yet. I would LOVE to see students at EVERY campus, including students at C.O.S., have the opportunity to experience the gift of being a part of a  multi-ethnic witnessing community through InterVarsity. 

4. My Expression
There is something about all three of the above things that put together on that day just made me giddy. Enjoying nature. Being creative AND a little silly. With the possibility and hope of one day seeing ministry happen on this campus. These things make me smile. 

And indeed feel happy.


Teri said...

What a beautiful beautiful shot! And you DO have the best expression. (I also happen to admire that scarf you're wearing.)
Can you teach me some photography? I've got the camera, but not the skills.
Visalia is our old stomping ground! When we lived in Hanford, Visalia was Costco, restaurants, mall, and a Christian concert one Christmas that allowed pregnant me to get away from cow stench for one wonderful evening. Go, C.O.S. IVCF!

cussface said...

That's the happiest I've seen you in some time! I'm so glad to see you having a good time and what a great pic.
Miss you

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