Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I came across the graphic below on another artist's blog. I love what it has to say and I was struck by the fact that it was written by three guys. Dave, Mike and Fabian, to be exact. And that it was titled "The Holstee Manifesto". 

For a moment, I wonder, are they brothers? Is Holstee their last name and if not, what, then, does it mean?

I digress.

I like the idea of a manifesto. Your motives, as concrete as, well, concrete. It's like the sage advice you wish someone would whisper in your ear at the moment you're about to give in, give up or give out.

One day, I'd love to write my own manifesto. The reasons  why I do the things I do, the values that guide my life, and my motives for the future. 

A manifesto that will send a shiver down the spine of my fears and worries. That will bring me to my feet, in action, or out my door or onto a plane. One that, when looking back, will remind me why it was all worth it. 

Until then, I'll be encouraged by Dave, Mike and Fabian and wonder how three (maybe) brothers managed to whisper the right words in my ear tonight at just the right time.

*If you really love their manifesto too, you can buy it on recycled paper made from elephant poo. Yes, friend, I just went there. That's as recycled and natural as it gets. 


Teri said...

I hope they're brothers. And I hope to one day meet the woman who named her sons Dave, Mike, and Fabian..."Yeah, we got tired of traditional names after Mike came along and had hopes that our third son's name would be the inspiration for leading men in romance novels..."
Share with us when you concoct that manifesto. I hope it'll make me want to get on a plane, too. There should be more things that make us want to fly.

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