Thursday, May 5, 2011 & amazing

I am always being inspired. It happens all the time.

While I’m driving. While I’m on a run. Sometimes it happens in the middle of a conversation, in which case I have to work hard to keep my facial muscles from giving away the fact that, for a moment, I stopped listening and drifted into the land of inspiration. 

I’m a classic ENFP and love new ideas.

So, when I come across something creative online, I want to save it. When I have a hilarious conversation with a friend over lunch, I want to remember it. When a song lyric speaks to me, I want to store it forever.

Oh, how I’ve longed to find a place to keep these treasures, somewhere. 

A couple weeks ago, I came across this graphic and loved the simple layout of Tumblr

If Blogger is like a leather-bound journal, Tumblr is more like a post-it note or a paperclip, to remind you of all the amazing and creative things out there you don't want to forget, but don't have to time to fully process...yet.

So, keeping in step with my love for shiny, new things...I decided to create my own pensive, er...I mean Tumblr.

Really I just wanted a place, online, to collect my random assortment of quotes, links, photos and conversations that I want to remember. 

It's not meant to replace this blog, where I will continue to write, confess, process, dream, ramble and share everyday stories from life in my shoes... but hopefully it will become my place to collect the lovely & amazing things that inspire me in the meantime.


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