Monday, September 3, 2012

Nothing says Labor Day like...

...A day trip to the garlic capital of the world, when you're already on a weekend trip to the coast.

...A great drive with one of your best friends, her husband, their three kids and an international student from South Korea. 

...Lots of cuddles from your favorite kiddos on said drive.

...A great, unexpected second date with a handsome fella...the kind of guy that both gives you butterflies and puts you remarkably at ease. ;)

...Ending the day with a greater appreciation for coastal fog, Salinas, "the salad bowl of the world" (they're kind of a big deal), and long drives. 



Amy D said...

soooo want to hear more about that second tell!

Teri said...

That does sound like a pretty good weekend. And I'm with Amy - hoping you'll blog something more about that date!

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