Sunday, September 2, 2012

What's that, you ask?

One summer, early in my college career, my friend and I decided to try and find summer jobs. 

We did what teenagers did in those days, we pulled out the newspaper and a sharpie marker. After a few minutes we'd crossed out all the non-options, which included everything we weren't qualified for or interested in doing. This meant it was down to sales jobs at the mall or sales jobs at the airport. 

Due to the fact that neither of us were really that motivated or experienced, we decided to apply for a part-time job at the See's Candy Shop in the airport. It seemed the most interesting, for some reason. 

We went in to apply and they asked for immediate interviews. We complied. This would be my second job interview in my life. I went first.

Things were going great until I was asked the dreaded interview question.

What are your weaknesses?

This is tricky. If you are to harsh, you come across as too self abasing. If you claim not to have any, your interviewer is likely to roll their eyes and jot down a note (never a good sign). 

I decided to try and win her with my charming humor. 
Or so I hoped.

What's that you ask? What's my weakness?
Well, considering it's a chocolate shop, I'd say it'd have to be self control. (insert awkward laughter in hopes we move on to the next question). 

When it was time to send my friend in, I barely had a chance to warn her of the question. 

In the car, I asked how she answered.

What's my weakness? 
Uh, I can tend to be lazy at times. 

We both were offered the job. 
Neither of us took it.

Instead we spent the summer the way summers were meant to be spent. We are still friends to this day and we're as charming and witty as ever. 


Teri said...

HA! Seriously? Neither of you took it? That's not the ending I expected. But I do love the choice you made, since you had the freedom.

Eleanor said...

yay a new entry! whoo!

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