Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pride and Joy

I wanna have pride like my mother has, not like the kind in the bible that makes you bad. -The Avett Brothers, The Perfect Space
I'm so proud of my brother for many reasons. 

For the ways he's fought against the demons of self-doubt, uncertainty and fear to pursue his passions. 
For the ways he's learned to love deeply and well.
For the ways he comes alive when he's on stage.
For the ways we can exchange a glance (especially in the company of my parents) and know what each other is thinking. 
For the nerdy ways he can make me laugh.
He's my only brother, but I'm proud that he's my friend. These aren't always hand in hand, as I'm aware. It makes these kinds of friendships all the more precious.

Tonight, I watched my baby brother step on stage full of swag. He and his amazing castmates made us laugh, think, tear up and cheer. I was full of pride. Full of joy. 

me and my lil' bro after the show!

proud parents pointing out his photo! 
Curtain call (my brother's on the left)
"I didn't even know I could do one-handed pushups!" 

Adel, we love you and are so proud of you! 


Teri said...

Love the caption under the last photo. Cool! Appreciating the example of being surprised at amazing things we're capable of.

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