Friday, September 21, 2012

Curtain Call

Today was only good. Not great.

It began like every other day this week in DC. 

We had seen everything touristy imaginable we'd hope to this week. We had an amazing time at and after my brother's play having drinks, meeting his friends and being together. In fact, we've enjoyed a great week together. 

Today's agenda, much more low key. 
Meet Adel for lunch. 
Walk around Georgetown a bit. 
That's it. 

It was a warm day. We opted for walking, slowly making our way to his apartment.
Slowly making our way to lunch. 

The lunch option for today. Where else? Lebanese food. We found a great spot near Dupont Circle and enjoyed Mezza platter (hummus, baba ganoush, grape leaves, tabouli, pita bread). Spinach pie. Falafel. Lemonade with crushed mint. Coffee. It was delightful. 

Over lunch we reminisced. We reminded each other of childhood stories, like when I stuck a bead up my nose when I was five and couldn't get it out... and when my brother did the same with a lego when he was six. We both had to have doctors armed with professional-grade tweezers help us out. It's moments like this I'm reminded we're siblings in the best sense.  

Afterwards, we headed to Georgetown. Things were going well. We walked to the river and relaxed a bit by the water. 

It was restful, but as the afternoon continued, something felt off. As we walked around, we were all becoming a bit more grumpy than usual. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was evidence of a full week. 

But as my brother announced that he had to get going, it dawned on me. 
This was our goodbye.
My brother would soon hail a cab, give a round of hugs, and head to work. 
It would be the last time we get to see him this trip. 

None of us in my family are good with goodbyes. 

The time came. The cab was hailed. Hugs were given. 
That lump visited our throats as we said farewell. 

We watched the cab drive off with my brother. None of us said a word. 

It was then my dad realized that he was still carrying the extra falafel my brother had planned for dinner. My brother realized it too, as he texted me just as I was texting him. 

We were secretly elated. 
"I have a plan. Let's drop it off to him. He needs that sandwich." 

We arrived at his apartment and spent another 20 minutes together, sitting in the shade on his front porch. 

Enjoying Georgetown Cupcakes together. 

Sharing a few more laughs. 

And passing on a few more treasures to my brother, making sure he has everything he might possibly need while living out here. (My parent's love language.)

Eventually, the time came and we had to say goodbye (again). But this time around, we were filled with much more joy and gratitude, than sheer panic. We were so thankful to enjoy a few more moments of being together as a family. 

I take it back... was a great day. 


Teri said...

Happy and sad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Layl, it's Suzanne. I love seeing your family. They always bring a smile to my heart. I am glad you have had the opportunity to spend time together. Even though your day was difficult, and happy, it will always be remembered. Love and miss you. Suzy Q

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