Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thirty days hath September...

Imagine my delight when I got this text tonight from my friend, Teri.

My last entry was on Leap Day. February 29th. Six months ago.

A lot has happened during these past six months. 
I've celebrated with friends who've gotten married. Beautiful babies who have been born. I've said goodbye to some old friends who have moved. I've said hello ;) to new ones in my life. I've enjoyed some great adventures along the way (and my car's got the mileage to prove it!) 

And yet, somehow after the commotion of Leap Day, my blog went dark. It slipped into some kind of black hole. I've had ideas, even drafts, brewing in my mind. Stories I've wanted to write. Experiences I've wanted to capture. Not sure if I've just lacked the motivation. Or the inspiration. Or the maybe the words. Or just time. 

Well, nothing motivates me more than overcoming challenges...and thanks to Teri, here I go. I'm eager to begin writing again. September seems a fitting month to do so, too. 

It's a month chock full of fun little trips planned. 
To the coast. To DC. To the mountains. 
It's a month where (Dear Lord, please!!!)  the temps will finally dip below 100 in Fresno. Where Summer will begin to flirt with Fall once again.  
The month where I will renew my passport, with an international destination in mind and a wonderful friend I look forward to seeing soon.  
And by the end of these thirty days, I will have celebrated turning another year older. Full of gratitude. Full of hope. Being on a beach, with my best girlfriends, with a frou-frou drink in hand will also help. 

So, here's my way of breaking through the black hole. Putting some color, any color, on the canvas, so to speak. And just getting back to that place where I'm living and mulling AND writing, again. 


Teri said...

I love that: "putting some color on the canvas." I look forward to reading your art. And I'm glad that you agreed to this, even with a busy month - I'll get to hear about your adventures!

Rob said...

Awesome Lay and Teri. Maybe you can get ol' MiKi+ to join you?!?

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