Saturday, May 4, 2013

thousand words

so, if this picture cashed itself in for its thousand words about today, it would tell the story about the day full of: bocce ball, shady parks, tri tip, iron men, last to leave, extra scene, long drive, being deep, elusive peacock, cheese factory, my cows, u-turns, going for a walk, not going for a walk, warm weather, our favorite spot, roaming elk, cool breeze, declarations, bravery, laughter, and love on a breezy and chili night. a wonderful day. 


Teri said...

I like the "roaming elk" part. That doesn't make it into everybody's date day stories. Also... "my cows?"

Blah Blah Layla said...

:) my cow is a road trip game daniel learned way back when. it's like calling dibs on cows you pass and keeping estimates of how many you each have. we passed by many, many cows, mostly mine. ;)

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